Live Rosa is an excellent route for folks who only want to see an actual messy parents live their own existence, exactly who only therefore occur to consist of two moms

Live Rosa is an excellent route for folks who only want to see an actual messy parents live their own existence, exactly who only therefore occur to consist of two moms

And did we state that their unique daughters become ADORBS? Just be cautioned, seeing Living Rosa videos may make you start to feel awesome clucky, it doesn’t matter your own gender or who you like!

Stations like Living Rosa are so very important to visibility, revealing the entire world that gay couples could be just as good at being moms and dads as anyone otherwise. It’s also beautiful to see how completely taking the girls’ friends go for about her lives.

5. Justin and Nick

Justin and Nick include a really pretty homosexual few just who discuss their unique everyday lives together on YouTube (and Instagram and Twitter). They create films on all sorts of things, using their day program (with regards to just as lovable puppy!) to house tours, Harry Potter, participating in pleasure, and a lot of fabulous gay trips.

What can we say, it simply may seem like Justin and Nick are two guys after our very own minds! In addition to quite a few homosexual people trips, we simply delight in chuckling at the their particular foolish couple lifestyle components, nevertheless they get major occasionally also. They’ve questioned youthful activists who took part in a€?March in regards to our Livesa€? plus spoke toward DNC president Tom Perez.

Above all those things, they even promote beard attention, makeup and periodically cooking clips and. Look out for adorable cameos using their cat and dog, and their intimate engagement proposition video clip.

6. Bria and Chrissy

We cannot withstand a good pop track together with lesbian duo of Bria and Chrissy seriously bring, in conjunction with fun clips regarding life along. Obviously, we love paying attention to her audio (and this is on iTunes and fruit tunes) but we just as see their ridiculous, and quite often saucy, films in which they attempt various YouTube problems or simply chat as a whole about lifetime as lesbians.

Bria and Chrissy also get major though, discussing profoundly individual stories regarding their personal knowledge, traumas and problems with YouTube alone closing down LGBTQ+ material by themselves program. It really is refreshing to listen to the real story from other homosexual video clip designers, and hopefully we are able to all assist to make sure no one’s sound becomes erased from YouTube.

In addition to their biggest YouTube station, Bria and Chrissy also have a very personal one also known as marvel fighters you should discover. Right here they send work out clips and everyday vlogs, therefore it is a little more behind-the-scenes of what the results are more to their biggest channel.

7. Josh Rimer

We have now really questioned Josh before about gay life in Canada, but we furthermore motivate one consider his YouTube station! In 2019, Josh is crowned Mr Gay Canada and lots of his films reveal him attending homosexual pleasure activities all over the globe with his well-deserved concept.

Recently, Josh might inviting their audience inside logistics of planning a homosexual event (to fiancA© Heath), including both a homophobic vacation resort perhaps not desiring them and fundamentally being forced to cancel their own event as a result of the pandemic. Without a doubt, numerous men and women have experienced the exact same motorboat together with the pandemic but that a resort, in gay friendly Puerto Vallarta no less, does not want to host a gay matrimony is pretty stunning in this era.

We like viewing Josh and Heath going to gay locations, specifically your we haven’t gone to yet including Australian Continent! We are so jealousa€¦ But we additionally enjoy the little glimpses into day to day life, which merely help to establish that gay lovers are no distinct from hetero people.

8. Princess Joules

Julie Vu aka Princess Joules aka Mama Sparkles, are a stunning woman who vlogs about all aspects of the lady male to female change, transgender matchmaking and interactions, alongside a healthier dosage of makeup lessons and enjoyable YouTube challenges. She ended up being really one of the first YouTubers to completely report her entire changeover a€“ talk about a trailblazer!

Together with discussing honest videos about transitioning, Julie has additionally generated video clips highlighting problem such domestic assault, showing just how it affects both cis and trans someone. She actually is even given the lady audience a genuine take a look at her very own individual experience with home-based violence.

She also tends to make many light-hearted content though, usually studying the funny part of life. In 2019, Julie got skip Global king Canada and she actually is additionally produced video clips about this lady travels as a transgender woman in parts of asia, which will be undoubtedly inspiring for other trans tourists.

9. In Wonderland Arif and Ricky

Arif and Ricky include a gay few that developed an entire other realm of ways for themselves if they got together. The Wonderland section of a€?In Wonderlanda€? integrates their own contributed passion for artwork, theatre, Disney and dreams, all included to spreading a positive LGTBQ+ message via their unique YouTube channel, internet site and social networking channels.

They have both educated as lives coaches, therefore establish by themselves as homosexual life mentors, looking to assist rest come across their path to delight. Through their particular YouTube video they give quite a few tips and advice for gay people about affairs, being released, household problems, plus.

We love just how fun and fascinating their own channel is (not to mention the kids themselves!), including enjoying seeing their particular sillier videos about gay couple challenges. Arif and Ricky have also been renovating a motorhome being join the small house residing activity, which was very interesting to adhere to!

10. Matt and Blue

Matt and azure were a gorgeous wedded gay couple just who vlog about lifestyle in a small country town in Colorado using their daughter, your dog, a pony, a cat and birds. It is refreshing to see a channel featuring homosexual boys doing things like riding ponies and DIY, which can be frequently regarded as simply for right men. Matt and Blue absolutely enhance the cowboy side in us!

These two cuties in addition promote sincere glimpses in their fatherhood journey, vlogging about why they decided to follow and what it had been like implementing as two people. In addition, they muse about life as a gay group in limited area, what it is like coming out on their families and how they generate their particular wedding operate.

Be sure to discover her route for attractive films of household lifetime, a€?gay guys building circumstancesa€? (which is their subject!), renovation, and farming. You should be cautioned, it will make you begin fantasizing about getting your own small farm!


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