11. Dutch men don’t marry. Don’t count on your own Dutch guy to recommend marriage anytime soon.

11. Dutch men don’t marry. Don’t count on your own Dutch guy to recommend marriage anytime soon.

Particularly young people like to live together. The Dutch take typical 37 years old before they become married. But these days a lot of Dutch group never get married.

In 1997 60per cent of 35-year outdated males happened to be hitched. In 2017 just 36% had been married. A lot of Dutch select another type of wedding: municipal relationship.

12. Dutch dudes don’t flirt

In a study of on-line flirting by myspace and facebook website Badoo, Athens in Greece was named the world’s flirtatious area. Badoo rated towns and cities by the amount of online chats or flirtations that were started every month of the typical Badoo consumer in some area.

Unfortunately, Dutch boys don’t flirt. Chat people from Amsterdam started typically 18.4 conversations each month. It’s nonetheless better than Buenos Aires (16,3), Rio de Janeiro (12.4) and Germany (17.7). In Athens, Moscow and Kuwait urban area Badoo consumers start over 25 chats each.

13. Exactly what Dutch men are like between the sheets

Dutch guys won’t be an easy task to enter into the sack, or more they claim.

But whenever they is there, it’s worth every penny, if you were to think a study by Men’s wellness. Based on results from magazine, Dutch people do the longest time for foreplay to climax. They usually have the average time of 22 minutes. Just Mexicans take longer.

14. If proportions things…

Dutch males have large p*nises. The common p*nis dimensions in Holland is 15.87 cm. #1? Boys from Congo. Theirs measure a whooping 17.93 cm. On target map there was massively interesting map available.

15. pleasure in numbers

On the site of condom maker Durex you will see global levels of frequency of intercourse additionally the quantities of satisfaction. 68percent of Dutch respondents stated they certainly were having sexual intercourse on a weekly basis. 50per cent said they certainly were pleased. Versus various countries, individuals with Dutch associates are very well down. Folks in Greece and Mexico felt fairly satisfied with their own intercourse resides aswell.

Do you think Dutch guys don’t flirt? Inform me within the remarks.

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How’s the connection up to now?

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